Everyone needs to know this basic gesture that will save a child's life in case of suffocation!

Everyone needs to know this basic gesture that will save a child’s life in case of suffocation!

There are 2 cases if a baby suffocates:

  1. The baby no longer breathes but is aware

′′ If a child suffocates, first of all,

  • You have to put your head down along your thigh and take care of it by your arm,

  • Give him five tapes in the back between the blades with his hand.

Used to be recommended to lay the baby along the arm, but the leg is safer and offers more support.

Check the mouth. If there’s still a blockage, turn the infant on your back and give it up to five chest throws.

Use two fingers, push in and up against their sternum.

If the obstruction does not disappear after three attempts and five chest push, call an ambulance and continue until the rescue arrives. "

We offer you to find out what actions should be taken to practice cardio-breathing resuscitation

2-if your child can’t breathe and is unconscious.

  • First of all before you start anything you need to warn the emergencies so they can get to your home asap.

  • You’ll have to place your child on the back on a flat surface.

  • Please have his head leaning backwards so the airways are clear.

To perform cardio-breathing resuscitation, you will have to place your mouth against hers and blow 5 times.

  • Use your index finger as well as your major to press on the baby’s chest 30 times while keeping a regular pace.

  • Start breathing your baby again twice.

  • Start pressing his chest again 30 times.

Don’t forget to keep calm in order to succeed in exercising the gestures on your child!