Everyone should appeal to mcc and nbems to rethink about the date of neet pg 2022

Everyone should appeal to mcc and nbems to rethink about the date of neet pg 2022…may be via email or over phone…this neet pg 2022 will creat a lot of seat waste(specially lower clinical,paraclinical,dnb seats)…as this year AIQ and DNB counselling are being clubbed…so why DNB seat resignation law will not be implented in case of AIQ seats/ state seats…5 lakh is not enough as a penalty…all rankers 10k onwards will face a great problem this year…so…plzz all should inform this to nbems and mcc…then only they will implement it…

This is soo true…then next year half seat faka hiejbe … 2021 batch ta ke ki era kno batch hisabe gonno i korchena?

I think everyone should get rid of this idea of seat wastage. R a yaar if i take a dnb seat (lower clinical or non clinical or whatever ) I automatically become ineligible for dnb for next 3 yrs. And MD/MS me seat Milne k liye u have to come in top 5k-6k which is a Herculean task in itself. Only a fool will compromise his chance of getting a good dnb seat by taking a lower clinical dnb this time.

Rishab Dubey the lower clinical/nonclinical seat one might be wanting to leave after getting a better rank might be the dream of people more down the line. So yes it does matter man

re yaar…one will take a dnb seat…and now who will know that he/she is taking preparation with this counseling process??

So when he/she will rank for md/ms in 2022…it’s not a matter to waste a dnb seat to him/her

Thousands of mid rankers & many good rankers will give exam again in search of core clinical subjects…

i am not saying any clinical as lower…i am saying those clinicals which are generally filled up with higher rank…

Bro …we are not going to file any case…we are just trying to APPEAL… To stop seat waste…plzz dont take it to another direction…if you are planning to give neet 2022…you can do it…but plzz dont divert us…what we r thinking…🙏🙏

We are not doing any pil…we are not trying to delay…already we are enough delayed…

What if they take exam , give result and won’t roll out counselling rounds untill optimal gap is present between batches ?? Is there any rule of time limit within which nbe has to do counselling after result

What if he gets anaesthesia after leaving surgery 1 surgery seat will be added extra in next counseling

Without follow of court room procedure nbe won’t listen to any informal request