Everyone will eventually get a job with the NHS

Everyone will eventually get a job with the NHS. The reality these days is that competition ratios have doubled or infact tripled for junior doctor roles, virtually everyone is taking the PLAB exam now. It’s important to have balanced expectations and know it might take some months and several applications to get a job as opposed to the idea that they will ‘rush you with jobs’. Some three years back, people got jobs after passing plab2 even without GMC registration, lot of people had multiple offers. The average applicant now waits for 4 to 5months.
The current difficulty isn’t just about the covid 19 situation (although contributory) nor is it because people aren’t writing good profiles. People have gotten profiles reviewed multiple times, some years ago people got jobs with almost basic CVs.
And interestingly now, people with considerable years of experience compete for fy2/ct1 roles with post internship doctors.
Just like most labour markets, the supply could lean towards exceeding demand in some years, It is important to let PLAB takers know they will need to be patient, and infact the earlier they sit the exam the better.
And this doesn’t mean that some people do not get jobs within a month of searching; a number of people still do. Keep applying!