Experience is as follows: (the applicant wishes to remain anonymous)

An inspiring story of an UNMATCHED applicant, with YOG 12 & CS attempt, who SOAP-ed her way into residency! Congratulations , and thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Experience is as follows: (the applicant wishes to remain anonymous)
"4th Match cycle… and Finally… Soaped with an offer - IM categorical!
GC holder
YOG 12 years
No home country residency
Step scores were very average…
CS failure!
Step 3- 220s
Some Research publications (not recent, not first author)

Applied mainly to IM, FM after researching every single program! ($7k)

This Match cycle:
2 IVs with connection
After PD told me voluntarily that I will be ranked for sure!
This program was in the SOAP!
Obviously did not rank me at all.
I still reapplied to that program in Soap… modified PS with more focus

Against all odds… the program called me and offered me a position !!! Its a MIRACLE!

Some takeaways from my own personal experience:

  • If you can get a meaningful clinical externship, by all means, take advantage to expand your connections…

  • Keep your composure even when people get shocked when they hear your yog… still stay young at heart and connect like you are one of them :camera:

  • try to make connections in programs that match your credentials, because no matter what kind of connections you may have… they have limited capabilities.

  • I tried calling… emailing … connections… I noticed with those programs PD are the sole decision-makers! Infact even PD can be pressured now from departmental chairs to only take Caribbean graduates.

  • YOG that is 12++ yrs mattered more than anything else in my very bumpy journey. HOWEVER… make sure you POLISH your CV to MARKET yourself or any experience you have… any hobby… Grab the best you can … any chance to document in your CV that would help you STANDOUT…

Then… prepare WELL for the interview and try to address head-on and directly main weak points of yours in a convincing way to the PD without appearing desperate!

  • AGAIN, spend the most amount of time and effort to put together your CV and your PS. Get your MSPE from your home institution and make sure it is good.

  • If you cannot get observership/externship… find a strong clinically or community-related volunteer experience.

  • or find an area of study even free on Coursera to enhance your application or if you cannot put it in application… at least you will have things to talk about or email them for a letter of intent. …

  • The hardest part… they always want to know what did you do differently from the last cycle and what motivates you? They look for gaps and how you account for that in your overall timeline!

No matter what… Miracles do Exist
:camera: Follow your intuition!"