Eyebrows don't grow beyond certain length as they have a short?

Eyebrows don’t grow beyond certain
length as they have a short ?
a) Anagen phase
b) Telogen phase
c) Telogen phase
d) Exogen phase
Correct Answer - A
Ans. is ‘a’ i.e., Anagen phase
Hair grows in cycles of various phases. Anagen is growth phase.
Catagen is involuting or regression phase. Telogen is resting phase.
Exogen is shedding phase.
Normally 90% of the follicles are in anagen phase, 10-14% are in
Telogen and 1-2 % are in catagen.
The cycles duration is variable for the different parts of the body. For
eyebrows, the cycle is finished in 3-4 months while for scalp it takes
3-4 years to finish.
This is the reason why eyebrows have much shorter length limit as
compared to scalp hair.