Facial micro-lipofilling

Nanofat grafting
It’s the medicine of the 21st century. It involves using individual’s own cells to replace, repair or regenerate injured or ageing tissues. It involves mainly using stem cells and growth factors from the patients’ own fat.

Facial micro-lipofilling
Nano fat transfer is a highly-effective, anti-aging technique. It is an excellent alternative to filling wrinkles with synthetically-modified fillers and the effects are longer-lasting over time.

Fat-transfer is used not only to restore the volumes of the face that have dissolved but also it has a regenerative ability that can improve the texture, the quality of the skin as well as the epidermis.

Nano-fat transfer corrects superficial damage to the skin. It reduces sagging and fills wrinkles without needing to resort to more traumatic techniques like deep peeling, laser resurfacing or injections that contain synthetically-modified fillers.

When fat injections are used to fill wrinkles, the results are permanent and natural.

Nano fat transfer can also be used to treat coloured dark circles. Whether red, blue or violet, fat injections thicken the dermis and create a protective layer between the thin skin around the eyelids and the capillaries below thus transparency effect disappears. The colour of the dark circle is corrected and the sunken under-eye circle disappears so it is used also in treatment of under eye hollowness.