Familer with dental suture

You must have heard terms such as coating, nerve or toothpaste, but you may not know exactly what part of the teeth these treatments are related to. In order to better cooperate with a dentist, decide on therapeutic methods, understand your dental problems sooner and take better care of oral health, you must first be a little familiar with the dental structure.

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Generally, teeth are made up of two main parts of the crown and root. The crown is called white tooth color outside the gum and you know it as teeth. The root is a part of the tooth that is under the gum and inside the jaw bone and keeps the crown tight in its place. When you coated your teeth, you actually put artificial crown on the main tooth crown to protect your teeth. Nerves are a treatment related to the root part of the teeth.

The teeth are made of several main layers:

Mina is the exterior layer of teeth that covers and protects the tooth level. Mina is the most resistant material in the human body. Mina is semi clear in white. When you stick laminating or blynir in front of the teeth, you actually replace it part of the mina layer. Blynir is designed in a way that looks exactly like Mina in the apparent and light reflection characteristics. In case the mina layer is thin and gone, the ivory layer underneath is visible and the tooth is severely exposed to rotting and worm. Habits such as toothpressing, clicking teeth, chewing nails, chewing pencils or other hard objects, opening a bottle with teeth, using a toothbrush (hard) and using sweet or acid foods lead to the destruction of mina.

Ivory is a layer right under the mina and softer. Ivory color is almost yellow that’s why when the tooth enamel is gone you see that part of the teeth yellow. Ivory contains tunnels called Tobol. In case mina is gone when you’re eating cold, hot or sour food, its drugs reach the nerve in the teeth through these tubes and stimulates it. This is where your teeth are sensitive to cold, heat and other stimulus.

The central part of the tooth is pulp, which contains blood vessels, nerves and tissue. Pulp is the only living part of the teeth that brings nutrients to it during the growth of teeth. When you’re doing nerve, you actually empty the toothpiller wallet. A small part of the pulp is in the Taj area and its major part is in the tooth root area. In case the infection and tooth pulp arrives, it will usually be the only way to treat nerve.

Cement is said to be a layer that covers the level of teeth instead of mina in the crown section, but its resistance is not as much as mina.

Periodental ligaments are strings that keep the teeth connected to the jaw bone and are the interface between teeth and bones.

Aloeular bone surrounds the tooth and keeps it strong. In case the tooth infection spreads and reaches around the root tip or the gum infection intensifies and reaches the bone, the bone is analyzed and can no longer hold the teeth tight. Here’s where you realize your teeth are licked.