Family medicine future scope?

Family medicine future scope?

Difference between md med and md family med?

md medicine can see only adult patient but family med can see both pediatric and adult age group

Its completely personal
Private practice in small city can go ahead
Job-ICU registrar or health check up in corporate
Intally struggle as ppl are not ready to accept you
Its DNB and is valid to admit patient indet your care in any hospital

Family medicine is obsolete branch which Graduates take if they can’t crack Neet PG.Its a western concept for which we have Indian counterpart as Ayush, BAMS, BHMS , Dietician, Nutritionist, physiotherapist, MBBS Graduates and for that matter even Quacks.

Google Doc and Artificial intelligence have wiped out family medicine , its like repeating MBBS.

During course all departments give their paper work to family medicine residents while preferring practice for their own residents.

There will be no referal given to family physician

They Don’t qualify for any sort of superspecialisation.

Educated people prefer specialist, they don’t visit any random Doctor.

No Govt Jobs and corporates don’t pay morethan 50k.

It’s ok for clinics in tier 2 cities Nd taluk level. But that u can do with MBBS also y waste 3 yrs. Nd hefty competition by quacks

People who have passed out 4-5 yrs back r ok. But now as many Gen Medicine ppl Nd superspecialists are available plenty who r ready to work for megre pay no one hires family medicine.

Think 100 times before joining family medicine in India. OK. If you have prepared for 4–5 yrs and yet not got what you desire and you do not wish to waste time now only then opt. Otherwise even non clinical branches are better.