Feeling defeated and a little lost! 6.5 weeks post op

Feeling defeated and a little lost! 6.5 weeks post op. I started weight-bearing over the weekend as instructed and today at PT I was told to stop putting weight down. My surgeon agreed with PT to stop putting weight down until I see him next week for my follow up. I am having extreme pain on the inner side of my knee. Surgeon thinks its either just post operative stuff pain from being locked in 0° for 6 weeks and the fact he had to do so much repair OR something is wrong. Not allowed to weight bear because he wants to see if the pain and swelling decreases and then he’s confident it was just post operative pain and if it stays the same or increases he will run an MRI to check for internal problems. And now he told me instead of returning to work in November, he wants to push it out until January. I still have my quad muscle thats not firing and other leg muscles are tightening and stiff. I feel defeated! Nobody prepares you for the recovery emotionally or mentally. I thought i was fully prepared for this. But I was wrong.

I feel for you i pulled a muscle Saturday in the back of my leg somehow when i stood up and tomorrow im supposed to go off non weight bearing and allowed to bend and im worried this pulled muscle set me back.