Feels so bad to see MH state Mop up results

Feels so bad to see MH state Mop up results.
Just because of these new rules of no upgradation and gambling. The ranks below me Got Govt medical College and here I am struck in Pvt college.
How to cope up with this frustration?

Absolutely… atleast upgradation in State mop up could be allowed that wouldn’t have created any chaos or seat wastage or blocking they could have taken some steps like a fine if someone doesn’t join the seat alloted in mop up… This stupid rule has created biggest disadvantage to mid rankers…toppers ko fark nahi padta…low rankers ko jo mil jaye acha…bich wale na idhar k na udhar k

Below rankers are getting govt. College with same subject. This shows incompetency and mismanagement of Maharashtra council committee