Find out what are the deadliest toxins on Earth

Arsen, in the amount of а rainfall can kill a man for two hours, but it also acts as a joke in relation to what follows. When we think of the deadliest toxins, most of us will remember the arsen.

George thirds of England, Napoleon Bonaparte and Chinese king Gaungxu, are considered to share the same thing – all three died of arsenic poisoning. Only 200 milligrams of arsen, corresponding to approximately one drop of rain, is sufficient to kill anyone within two hours.

The first sign of poisoning is a metallic taste in the mouth, followed by vomiting, seizures and death. It sounds weird, but even arsen seems to be practically harmless when compared to some other substances. Tetrodotoxin is a poison that is distinguished by the famous spherical fish and by the octopus Hapalochlaena. This poison leaves her victim paralyzed while the body passes through agony.

The tongue and the mouth begin to seal, in the mouth comes to a true eruption of the saliva and the body begins to sweep terribly.
As long as the victim is fully aware of what is happening, he can not move.

Death will occur after long tortures lasting approximately six hours, and аntidotes does not exist. Some experts believe that this venom was used by voodoo fighters, but at too small doses, in order to cause trance to the individual. A scientific confirmation of this theory still does not exist.

The deadliest toxins are often incredibly close to our homes. One of them is glucose digoxin, which can be found in the most common flowers in our yards, such as oleander, lily, pestle and more. Only two kilograms of this poison, skilfully arranged and dosed, is enough to wipe out humanity from the Earth as a whole.

Image credit: Photographer:vladacanon