First photo is 24 hours after surgery

First photo is 24 hours after surgery. Next 2 photos are about 48 hours after surgery. I’m still taking pain meds every 5 hours and added in Advil today. Been using the ice machine 24/7 and have a extra ice pack under knee. I have good motion of my ankle. I can now lift my leg up and down without help. But bending knee isn’t very doable. I don’t see my PT until Wednesday and my post op isn’t until the 21st. Any suggestions or am I on track with what you guys have gone thru the first coupe of days. I feel sorta in the dark on what I should expect.
I have a muscle stimulation unit I was told to start using starting day 4. (Tomorrow) And work on extension a few times a day. The surgeon also said to work on weight bearing in the brace. My surgeon locks out the leg for 2 weeks so I don’t start pt til jan 25. I can’t believe how heavy my leg feels in this brace. I’m just glad to be past day 2. That was awful.
One thing that I feel has helped me was a recliner if you have one. I would go to extension where it was comfortable then slowly work down. It allowed me to get some bend as I could tolerate without having to force the muscles. I did it along with PT of course, but just an idea if you have I was doing that at first as well. I was ultimately told that if I was sitting awake, I could remove the brace. Walking and sleeping was when the brace is most important. So just sitting you can probably get some break on it, but you probably want to ask PT/Nurse to confirm. It’s the small things like ditching that thing for a few minutes.