Fishy odour occurs due to deficiency of this vitamin from diet

Fishy odour occurs due to deficiency of
this vitamin from diet -
a) Biotin
b) Thiamine
c) Riboflavin
d) Vit. A
Correct Answer - C
Answer: C. Riboflavin
Vitamin B2 or riboflavin deficiency can bring about a fishy odor in
the body.

  • Fish-odor syndrome, also called trimethylaminuria, is a rare
    metabolic disorder caused by the absence of enzyne n-oxidase ( A
    Flavin containing monooxygenase, 3(FMO3). Gene for trimethylamine oxidase
    has been mapped on chromosome I(Iq23-q25).
  • Trimethylamine is normally produced in the intestine from the
    breakdown of dietary choline and trimethylamine oxide by bacteria.
  • Egg yolk and liver are the main sources of choline, and fish is the
    major source of trimethylamine oxide.
  • Trimethylamine is absorbed and
    oxidized in the liver by trimethylamine oxidase (flavin-
    containing monooxygenases) to trimethylamine oxide,
    which is odorless and excreted in the urine. Deficiency of the
    enzyme results in massive excretion of trimethylamine in urine.
  • Consequently, to these patients such foods may taste
    like rotten fish and import a fishy odor to their
    salvia, sweat and urine.
  • Restriction of fish, eggs, liver and other sources of choline
    (such as nuts and grains) in the diet significantly reduce the odor.
  • Treatment with short course of oral
    metronidamle, neomycin or lactulose causes temporary reduction in
    the body odor.
  • Riboflavin supplement can be given to enhance residual FMO3