For Calculation of Corrected retic count

for Calculation of Corrected retic count, value of Hb is taken for numerator whereas value of Hct is taken for denominator.Is it correct?
I think 3× 21/45 is correct calculation instead of 3× 7/45.
I’m a little confused.

How are u getting 21 ? Retic % is 3 here and patients Hb is 7

Hematocrit = 3× hemoglobin i.e 3×7=21.

In denominator Hematocrit value is used.So in numerator also it should be used .45 cant be normal hemoglobin.

This is what i think.I may be wrong though.

Maam said in the video that in the Numerator we have to take the Patient’s Hematocrit ( means the abnormal or diseased wala value ) and in Denominator we have to take the normal value of Hematocrit.

Check the formula ,it also says Retic× patients hb/ normal hb ×3


Isiliye, Numerator mein Hct 7 hoga joh question m value dia hua hai

Aur denominator mein tumko normal HCT ka value nikalna hoga , i.e. Hb×3

Corrected retic= retic % × patient hb/normal hb or

Corrected retic = retic % × patient hct/normal hct

Question me Hct 7 nhi Hemoglobin 7 diya hai.