For General Surgery at ST3 level

For General Surgery at ST3 level:
Career progression essential criteria is - Have completed the relevant competencies
in General Surgery as described in the Core

Surgical Training curriculum.
Desirable Criteria is-
Less than 48 months’ experience in
General Surgery at CT/ST level (not
including foundation modules)
• Have completed a minimum of 12 months
experience in elective general surgery
including a minimum of 12 months on call
for emergency general surgery
-For those wishing to be considered for Locum Appointment for Training posts (where available):
no more than 24 months experience in LAT posts in the specialty by intended start date.

So basically, having less than 48 months is desirable but not essential. If you have more than 48 months experience it will put you at disadvantage as compared to other applicants with lesser experience, but it should not pre