For how many days my period will delay due to this pill?

Me and my boyfriend had sex on 30th november. We used the withdrawal method (Pull out method). But I feared that there would be a chance of pre - cumming so i took an unwanted 72 pill after 70-71 hours of sexual intercourse.My period date is on 4th of december.Is there any chance of pregnancy now? For how many days my period will delay due to this pill?

If you take a pregnancy test now you should get an accurate result. Take one today, then take another in two days to be sure.

Also look into other contraception methods. Condoms are an obvious choice to help prevent both pregnancy and STDs but there are loads of contraception options for women too that can help reduce the risk of pregnancy.

Also I believe your boyfriend posted in here earlier. the story your tell is very similar to his.

If your period date will be 4th December and you had sex on 30th November there was no need for contraceptives you’re no where close to your fertile window even with the shortest 21days cycle…

Except your body doesn’t function according to what science teaches so rest…

But next time, use a condom!
My best is having a similar issue, hers was on the 27th of November and she was supposed to see her period atmost yesterday and she didn’t take anything because according to her he pulled out but he later said 'it’s like he cum inside of her before pulling out. We are scared already cos she’s not having signs of her flow coming. Please is there anything she can do now?