For my rank my preferences are dnb radiodiagnosis

For my rank my preferences are dnb radiodiagnosis, Md paediatrics, and Md psychiatry … Every senior and batchmates are suggesting Dnb radio,I liked paediatrics in internship and my family wants me to do that, but on recent years my interest shifted more towards psychiatry…but the problem is even though I was posted in psychiatry during internship,I don’t have any proper work experience there… and every person I meet discourages me about doing psychiatry… Iam kinda scared eventhough that’s where my heart is…
What should be the order of preference, considering I can get all 3. What are the pros and cons of psychiatry?

Why don’t you go and work for some days in psychiatry??? will get a better idea
Pls take whatever ur heart wants …or else u will regret later on.