For Pre-Medical students interested in DPT:

For Pre-Medical students interested in DPT:

DPT is so called Doctor of Physical Therapy or Doctor of Physiotherapy. In order to take admission in DPT, you must consider the following facts:

  1. Try to get admission in recognized institutes affiliated with HEC, UHS and PMDC.

  2. Give priority to Medical Colleges rather than universities.

  3. Please make sure that the institute you are taking admission in, has affiliation with hospital for general practice because if you don’t have hands on patients for practice, you are zero even if you are graduated.

Scope of DPT:

Today it has scope in both government and private sector. It is alternate to MBBS in rank as you can be appointed as physiotherapist in government hospital by taking NTS test and your rank will be BS-17! You can also be appointed in private hospitals as credit hours physiotherapist. Even you can set up your own clinic.

You can be a House Physiotherapist as there are some elite class patients who want to have treatment at their home. You can earn up to 7-10k for a single treatment of 1-3 days.

Furthermore, Physiotherapists are trying to establish their own council titled “Pakistan Physiotherapy Council” that will create more opportunities and platforms for physiotherapists in upcoming years.

After graduation, you can do MS and MPhil In different fields like Sports Medicine, Neurology, Musculoskeletal System, Cardiology etc. Girls are mostly worried about to choose their specialty, so they can have MS in Gyne-Obs to choose it as their profession.

After specialization, you will be a senior physiotherapist to teach junior physiotherapists. You have scope in both clinical side and administrative (teaching side) and you can adopt whatever you want.