For Psychiatry aspirants


Welcome to the World of thoughts!! A human mind gets roughly 60000 thoughts per day and Psychiatry is the study of these thoughts. Psychiatry probably for a few is a very challenging branch. You don’t stand here on an operating table with a scalpel for hours, but sit still listening to a patients heart with a pen in your hand and here indeed PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD.

First thing you need to be a Psychiatrist is patience.

Second thing you need is patience.

Third thing you need is patience.

But all that patience can yield you amazing results. Good Psychiatrists charge anywhere between 3000-5000rs for one hour of consultation and you don’t have to see 100 patients per day, just 10 will do. Cognitive and behavioural therapies again add to your pay.

Psychiatry is an Upcoming branch in India as there are only 4000 psychiatrists catering to 1 billion people in India compared to thousands of surgeons and medicine specialists. In fact there are more Indian origin Psychiatrists in USA than in India. Whichever way you look, it looks promising. According to WHO data, out of every 10 medicines sold worldwide, 6 of them are Psychiatric medicines…So best time to be a Psychiatrist is NOW!!

As a Psychiatrist you are supposed to treat the mentally ill, write newspaper articles, give radio talks on important social issues, do personality development workshops for corporate clients and the list is endless. Some psychiatrists like Dr.Mohan Agashe are very well known actors in Indian cinema while others good psychiatrists like Dr. Salman Akhtar are related to those in bollywood.

A Psychiatrist’s main job is to advice people on how to do things in a better way and not just treating the mentally ill.

But the Biggest question that you face is does one really get crazy in psychiatry ??

Well can’t a Orthopedician suffer from a fracture??

Can’t a Obstetrician have an abortion??

Can’t a Physician get Diabetes??

Similarly a psychiatrist can also suffer from mental illness but it may be due to his personal life rather than his professional life.

Criteria for choosing an institute should include

Patient load & academics – they are utmost important in psychiatry, you need good academics to learn psychiatry as it is not taught systematically in MBBS,also its a very subjective branch and you literally have to psychoeducate ( teach your patient) everything you know,so patient load is as important as academics, if you have only academics and no patient load you will miss out on key councelling skills.

Availablility of rTMS machine,ECT machine ,MBT & biofeedback.

Of these rTMS and ECT are an absolute must ,most places you will get an ECT machine but rTMS is not available everywhere, this is where Private hospitals will be at advantage over government run institutions.

Best institutes for DNB Psychiatry in India

Vimhans hospitals,Vijayawada :  is an exclusive psychiatric setup,best academics,best patient load and all the above modalities are available including rTMS.Best passing rate for DNB psychiatry all over india,period. Everybody here lives like family.
Sir Ganga ram hospital ,Delhi : Corporate hospital,Good academics and pass rate, not so good patient exposure as most of them are from a rich family.rTMS machine is available.
Asha Hospital,Hyderabad : again good academics and patient load, not so good pass rate ,rTMS available.
KMC mangalore : Good academics and pass rate, attached to medical college ,good exposure too,rTMS not available till last year.