For the last few days, I have been meeting actual consultants in a tier 1 city

For the last few days, I have been meeting actual consultants in a tier 1 city, who are all considered to be successful in private hospitals. All were extremely kind to me, to give some time from their tight schedule.

M.S Orthopedics .[He does most of the knee transplants in our city] … He said it will take at least 5 years after passing out to know the basics… like any other surgical field, it has a curve. But a satisfying branch. He seemed quite pissed off with increasing number of medico-legal cases.

MD Psychiatry [ Associate professor in a central University] - He told me straight, don’t opt for Psychiatry … yet again a long time for settlement. He told me better opt for Anaesthesia. He would have done the same, if he had some sense.

MD Med and DM Cardio [ Associate professor in a govt. Hospital, and quite successful in private practise too] … after hearing about my plans to drop again and study for Medicine … he told just take ortho, much better branch

MD Paediatrics and MD Anaesthesia …i couldn’t meet one yet.

It seems even after being completely well established, still not many are satisfied…

Ophthalmology is not in my list, so didn’t search for one. I will go to General surgeon tomorrow or on Monday, if i get their’s not easy to talk to them, they are extremely busy.

I have exactly quoted that in my previous post. However higher one goes, there will always be the urge to move higher and higher. It’s a balance situation,where we should decide where to stop, slow,pause and proceed

Not really the MD Med [and DM cardio ] consultant actually told he doesn’t need any more progress, he wants to rather slow down his life, even started making less admissions. But, he also said, the unusual attraction that most of us have for Medicine is childish. Every line is difficult nowadays.

Bro grass is always greener on the other side. Pros and Cons everywhere. Follow your passion. In 10-15 years what will be the senario no one can predict. Can’t predict if we’ll still exist or not. So better to enjoy doing something until then is what I’ve realised

What exactly is early settlement? Money right after MD degree? What if the scenario changes? What if your dreams change?! I took radiology with the idea that it helps in early settlement. But my ideas and goals have changed in the last two years. I am sure it’s the same for many people across different disciplines. There was a time when MD radio was the end of the line. Lots of money and free time. Sure, the money is still there but that won’t be the same for ever. And most importantly, for a fresh MD radio, the money to be made that helps in early settlement is in ultrasound. But that’s not the most interesting part of radio. At some point of time, you’ll find yourself at crossroads - know the subject at a deeper level by delving into subspecialties (DM or fellowship) or just be happy doing USG and earning money? Right now, early settlement is not as important for me as gaining a deeper understanding of this subject. No matter what plans you have while you begin residency, it changes by the time you pass so obviously, with more time when you become a consultant, there will be more changes in your thoughts. Take the advice of these consultants with a pinch of salt because I have come across consultants who are in love with their work. Not all of them are unhappy.

Yes I agree … But these consultants are probably the best in their profession … Two of them i know personally. They have achieved a standard most of us will probably only dream of. So their opinions are quite relevant to me.

I am not at all saying they are shitting you. I am saying that the opinion you have of a subject after 20 years of experience is different from how a student approaches a subject new to him. Let me try to give you an analogy - your dad or mum must have told you to study all throughout your school life even if that didn’t make sense to you then. At that point of time you wanted to play around, irrespective of how much more sensible studying all the time was.
It’s the same now. Do not base your decisions JUST on what these consultants are saying after 20 years of experience. They must not have spent 20 years in depression. Just because something feels better for them now doesn’t mean it is better for everyone or even better for their past selves.

Cardio is extremely saturated.
This year neet ss cardio seats went empty.
U can always take anesthesia .
Psych is very less developed in our country
U can always write mrcp and go to uk.
But other options are better

Defination of satisfaction is different for different people

Is ortho good for girls? Did you speak to any female consultants? Which branch is most suitable for girls apart from obg ophthalmology and anesthesia?