For the last three cycles few days after ovulation

For the last three cycles few days after ovulation I started spotting it’s more after a wee or b/m and I wipe. Rarely in my underwear. My period comes on time, first

Month it was lighter second month it was as normal, I suffer with bad cramps and clots usually cramping more when passing clots. I ovulated a few days ago and wiped this morning and tiny pale pink on tissue, so probably starting now I am due on in 9 days. I’m not on any contraception.

Doctors sent me for an ultrasound after second month. Went last week, told me that one of my tubes had fluid in, left side and ironically I do get pain that side, nothing severe just achy usually when ovulating and upto period not sure if it’s related. I’m just wondering what they’ll do now, I’m

Not sure if the tube and the spotting are related or not I’m waiting for nurse to ring me back to discuss the results of ultrasound but the lady who did it told me everything there and then but obviously had to send back to gp to discuss what she wants to do about said tube.

Anyone had any similar or any help would be great, I’m a great worrier so me spotting is driving me mad and I’m Dreading it every month! I understand a lot of women have more severe bleeding than me but it’s still a worrier non the less.