For those who are interested in psychiatry these are a few points regarding the branch from my perspective

For those who are interested in psychiatry these are a few points regarding the branch from my perspective.This is with respect to the post graduation period since I am an 8 month old resident in the field.
Regarding future employment,career prospects kindly try to talk to those who have finished/are practicing.

1.We all have very little exposure to psychiatry during UG and we don’t know much about it.During PG, you get to interact with a wide variety of patients ranging from issues like substance abuse,depression to schizophrenia,obsessive compulsive disorders so on and so forth.Every patient is different and you develop insight into the science of human behaviour.

2.Working hours and duties- It is not a physically intensive branch like the surgical ones with 48hour shifts.However also depends on where you join-mental hospital setup or a general hospital setting and the patient load.
I’m working in a mental hospital setup with 24pgs in all.So opds and duties are relatively hectic where i get duties twice or thrice a month.

3.Is it the same as psychology?
NO.Psychology is an arts speciality requiring you to do B.A and M.A in psychology. Psychiatry is a MEDICAL SPECIALTY and just like any other speciality we have specific signs,symptoms,treatment guidelines,drugs and practice EVIDENCE BASED medicine.A thorough medical knowledge is required.

4.Are there any prerequisites for the branch?
If you ask me,except an interest and liking of the subject nothing else(which you would have an idea by now as to which subjects you absolutely love,like,can do and absolutely not do)
However if you’re someone who DOES NOT LIKE any form of HUMAN INTERACTION, psychiatry might not be the best choice.
Does one need a lot of patience,good communication skills,listening ability?
All doctors have to have these skills.I say skills and not qualities because THEY CAN BE DEVELOPED,HONED and BETTERED.A surgeon also needs infinite amounts of patience to be able to function optimally given the long hours of operating and have good communication skills to convince a patient for major surgeries,take consent,explain the risks etc.

5.Stigma attached.Its getting better by the day as awareness is increasing.Surprisingly,the stigma and hesitancy to see a psychiatrist is a lot even among medical graduates and other medical specialists.
Mental disorders contribute to 13% of the Global DALYS and is the third biggest contributor after cardiovascular diseases and infections.Depression among mental disorders contributes the maximum and the morbidity due to these disorders is quite large.
And being able to treat this and see a change in not only the patient’s life but their caregivers as well is quite satisfying.

6.Language barrier.Yes language is important as we need to understand what the patient is saying to be able to understand their symptoms.
However it’s not hard if you’re up for learning a new language which will be a life asset.I was in the same situation and could pick up the new language with a little bit of work and the help of all my colleagues and hospital staff.Definitely not an impossible task.

7.Order of colleges-You can prioritise based on patient load,how big the department is,bond,safety in the city,accesibility to your hometown.Try to ask the pgs there to get an idea(The priority list is a personal decision based on above factors as this is what I followed).

Hope this helps.
All the best!

Is it difficult to practice…I have heard it’s interesting branch and infact engaging to…but practice is difficult… thanks a lot doctor for such an elaborate and essential information

I have heard that even when Medicine and Surgical is physically overwhelming, Pshychiatry is Mentally far more overwhelming and eventually takes over the positivity or drains it off when one is surrounded by pshychiatric patients. Is this true and should this be a consideration while deciding against the speciality.

Thank you so much maam, now all my doubts are sorted n I am really looking forward to taking it up !

Can u plz tell me how is Government mental hospital amritsar for DNB Psychiatry?

Psychiatry is v interesting…branch which gives amazing quality of life to so many ppl…