Forensic Medicine MCQs Cardiac poisonings

Q-1. Active component of a white oleander (AIIMS MAY 2014)
a) Nerine
b) Nicotine
c) Abrine
d) Pilocarpine

Answer: Nerine
Abrus precatorius- Abrins
Oleander: Oleandrin and nerioside (Nerine), which are cardenolide glycosides
Important point:
The nectar yields poisonous honey.

Q-2. Aconite poisoning causes all except
a) Hyper-salivation
b) Tingling and numbness
c) Increased BP
d) Pethidine

Answer: Increased BP
Aconite poisoning:
GI Effects:
Tingling, numbness in mouth, tongue and pharynx
Hyper-salivation, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea
Cardiovascular effects:
Chest pain
CNS and neuro-muscular effects:
Headache, giddiness and ataxia
Slurred speech
Hippus pupil in early stage (Alternate contraction and dilatation of pupils)
Dilated pupil in late stage
Limbs become weak and twitching of muscle and convulsion
Important point:
Death occurs due from paralysis of heart or respiratory centre or both.