Friday 3 may Sep 2563 (status at 14.00 pm (sighs)

The Embassy in Paris would like to summarize the new breed of corona virus epidemic (Covid-19) in France as follows.

  1. Friday 3 may Sep 2563 (status at 14.00 pm (sighs)
  • total of 64,338 patients (5,233 increase), which is information from test pcr.
  • healing at the hospital. 27,432 people and healed from hospital. Already 14,008 (1,580 more)
  • 6,662 are 641 new patients. 35 percent of patients are less than 60 years old and 93 years younger than 30 years old and 60 per cent between 60 - 80 years.
  • died at the hospital. 5,091 person (588 increase) 83 per cent over 70 years old
  • information at nursing homes nationwide from the start of viral epidemic. There are 17,827 infected and 1,416 dead.
  • total deaths (hospital) And 6,507 nursing homes)
  1. Commissioner of the French Department of public health has provided information during the press conference. Summary of the situation of the day that the death rate between 23-28 July Added more than usual to 23 percent. The highest number of deaths in 5 COUNTRIES: GRAND EST, île de France, hauts de France, Bourgogne Franche-Comté and auvergne rhône-Alpes. Most deaths are over 65 years old.

Currently, patients have been moved to fewer areas with less sick patients (including in PTT. E.g. Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland) total of 506 (115 increase)
And medical personnel are still moving to areas with sick patients such as île de France and grand EST.

  1. Important situations in France

3.1 on may 3 Sep. 2563, the French President has traveled to the crisis management center of the department of foreign affairs to listen to report on the current state of residual French Evacuation In PTT. Back to the country by President. Thanks to the agent. Related and discussed via vdo conference with French Ambassador in Morocco and China (Beijing and wuhan) from 16 Mar. July 2563 can evacuate more than 130,000 French back to the country as planning to conduction with PTT. Other yu, and about 5,000 French left to travel back to the country.

3.2 on may 3 Year 2563 Minister A. French study says that they will not be able to manage junior high school graduation (Brevet) and high school (Baccalauréat) according to normal conditions for this academic year, which has a school year. Must pass the above examination for a total of 2.1 million people and inform that they cannot start school before 4 November. Jul 2563

(1) for brevet examination, both career and common lines will use the score from the test (contrôle continu) for 3 semester. Consider passing the criteria without counting the results between enforcement of the enforcement measures to leave the accommodation and the school. Junior High School, all levels will need to study longer until 4th. July In this academic year

(2) for baccalauréat examination, use contrôle continu points throughout the 3 semester of terminale level (equivalent to university. 6) same for the school. Première Level (EQUIVALENT TO UNIVERSITY 4) still need to take an empty mouth exam in French, but bring the average score of the whole year to calculate the writing score. The score is not passed, but scored from 8/20 or more. It can be fixed according to normal conditions and those who have failed in June. Oh, my God. Can take a new test again in July. Oh, my God.

3.3 Minister Maha Thai France says that he has developed a form system for permission to leave the accommodation to be used on mobile phone from 6 May. Oh, my God. Onwards, you can log in at the website. Thai Maha (Interieur. Gouv. Fr) or government website (gouvernement. Fr) the qr code will be issued on mobile phone after filling in the details which can be displayed qr code to the agent. The Police. If it is called, it is repeated that personal data will not be collected from such system and respect for public health practices as the agent. The Police. No need to touch mobile phone and also more accurate control time out of the accommodation.

3.4 France’s tourism industry is one of the most affected fields by viral epidemic crisis, with an estimate of income loss in may. Oh, my God. It’s a number to
1 billion euros by hotel operators and accommodation will lose around 4 billion euros and other branch entrepreneurs such as airlines and other transportation services, museums and attractions, restaurants. Tour and souvenir shops will lose around 6 billion euros due to spring break, which usually many travel travel in and out of the country. While there are now 400,000 travel industry employees are currently in no job. Do and 50,000 seasonal employees are cancelled or postponed. However, operators hope the situation will be better in July. July And the congressman July Although foreign tourists haven’t returned to travel in France. THERE ARE ONLY 7 percent of booking cancelled.

3.5 many restaurants / shops are now back open such as Mcdonald and kfc serving some drive-through and home delivery while pizza hut provides home delivery. Nicolas Shop is open for sale (297 from 500 shops nationwide) But Serve 1 customers at a time and do not touch wine bottles and home store (Leroy Merlin / Castorama / brico dépôt). You can order some essential items on the website and pick up at the shop parking area. In addition, interflora will start delivering bouquets. At Home from 7 May. Oh, my God. (ile de France only)