Friends need a serious help n advice,,,does being a government mo for three years,after that they government

Friends need a serious help n advice,does being a government mo for three years,after that they government itself give seat of ur choice,does it happen???god knows my parents are forcing me to fill mo form,m not at all interested,infact had fight,made depressed too,I have completed my internship this year Feb m,n preparing,BT India’s mind set ki being girl marriage n drop year feels everyone like crime, Pls suggest ki what they are saying for mo thing is right or wrong…?is it a myth or reality… really upset n depressed

see, u dont know wats gonna happen after 3yrs…u might get inservice quota or not coz the rules keep changing… nd also wat abt the circumstances, u might not get interest to study with all the work, family, etc… so wat we hav is today… u hav finishd 1 golden yr of internship which is gonna come very handy evn in the exams… plus u probably hav studied till now(if not, u need to start right now)… so believe in urselves and go all out… remember u joind mbbs wid a dream nd u r not gonna settle!!!
all the best.

If u join for 3 yrs MO and thereafter 3yrs MD the govt will give you better salary but you have to serve another 3years after MD .in WB even after 3yrs MO many people aren’t eligible for PG.So ask seniors about bond of your state.better study and get PG than wasting 3yrs