Gallbladder problems


The gallbladder is a small sec attached to the liver. It collects a bitter, green juice called bile, which helps digest fatty foods. Gallbladder disease occurs must commonly in women over 40 who are overweight and still having menstrual period.

• Sharp pain in the stomach at edge of the right rib cage : This pain sometimes reaches up to the right side of the upper back.
• The pain may come an hour or more after eating rich or fatty foods severe pain may cause vomiting.
• Belching or burping with a bad taste.
• Sometimes there is fever.
• Occasionally the eyes may become yellow. (jaundice).

~ Take an antispasmodic to calm the pain. Strong painkillers are often needed. (Aspirin will probably not help)
~ If the parson has a fever, she should take tetracycline (adults :250mg. ‘1capsule’ )
~ Do not eat greasy food. Overweight (fat) people should eat small meals and lose weight.
~ In severe or chronic cases, seek medical help. Sometimes surgery is needed.

Women (and men) who are overweight should lose weight.
Avoid rich, sweet, and greasy food, do not eat too much, and get some exercise.