Good morning my fellow colleagues

Good morning my fellow colleagues. The last few days has not been very kind to our medical fraternity. Repeated news of suicides, bureaucrat harassments & what not.

I am devastated as well hearing such sad news day by day.

Currently, I am working in one of the remotest areas of my state with minimal perks. I had plans for PG but had to choose job due to extreme family conditions. Trust me, I was very disappointed initially but now I have accepted my fate. I wish to do PG after few years, finger crossed & if not possible I have seperate plans as well.

In life, we all are the temporary owners of some permanent stuffs. The new house you gonna buy belonged to some one else a 100 years back & will belong to someone else after your death. If you feel bored, frustrated being stuck in the loophole then come out of it.

The world is beautiful and full of mysteries. Go to places you like, eat the foods you always wished to have & sing the songs that your heart always wanted. Be free cause you are no one’s slave. Be free by not sacrificing your life with an untimely death but putting a stop to the road which doesn’t give you mental peace.

At the end of the day you are always a Doctor. You can always treat patients by the virtue of your knowledge and indomitable will & you can always be the master of your own happiness.

May God bless us all.

Hey. I am in a similar situation which I cannot explain. Could you guide me as to how to get a job after mbbs. That would be really helpful.

A Request to Honourable Supreme Court , CJI and all Learned Councils , DGHS , MCC , NBEMS and all State Counseling Committee , Kindly give Euthanasia to all Doctors who are being harrassed by all of YOU So called AUTHORITIES…

It’s been a shame for system and courts , you’re not hearing students and playing with their careers with pointless things … Those 146 seat might have been removed from Counseling as mistake due to such colleges and hospitals and Strong leagal action could have been done against such Institutes not able to clarify their seats (should put on Ban by NMC and DGHS for further academic sessions) instead You (AUTHORITIES) took long way Harrassing all INNOCENT doctors …there might be 100-200 blockers out of 15-20k doctors who have been allotted but that doesn’t means you put on hold on careers of many due to mistake of such Counseling Committee…

So, it’s a request to all AUTHORITIES Playing with my career that kindly give me an opportunity to facilitate Euthanasia If you want to continuously delay the process without logical firmness…