Good news for Thai people in France who want to travel back to Thailand

Good news for Thai people in France who want to travel back to Thailand.

Thai Airways will serve direct flights TG 931 Paris-Bangkok 5 flights between November 2563-January 2564 departure from Paris as follows.

  • 28 November 2563

  • 18 December 2563

  • 26 December 2563

  • 9 January 2564

  • 23 January 2564

When you arrive in Thailand, you have to detain for 14 days. These 5 flights have quota for Thai people who want to detain free of charge in government provided or SQ in limited numbers (which may not be enough for everyone) by flying. Thailand will allocate SQ quota to passengers who show their will in order before-after.

If you are interested in traveling with such flights, please follow the following steps: 1-2-3-4

  1. Ticket booking: Everyone can book at from now on (For those who have the original ticket of Thai Airways Paris - Bangkok, please contact [email protected])

  2. pick 14 days of detention:

2.1 people who want to detain SQ: Please register at the website and wait for the confirmation book from Thai Airways via email (such a web for November 28 flights only. The web will gradually inform the web for another day’s flight. )

2.2 people who want to detain ASQ (pay by themselves): Reserve hotel ASQ as shown in the website.

  1. Certificate of Thai people entering Thailand (COE): at the website at least 6 days before traveling. Everyone must enter the attachment of page, passport, flight file and detention documents as follows.

3.1 SQ detention persons: attach a confirmation book file from Thai Airways that says that you are entitled to SQ detention (your COE request will not be approved without the answer file attached).

3.2 people who are in ASQ: Choose hotel name and attach hotel reservation confirmation file (Reservation confirmation confirmation)

  1. Prepare other documents before departure according to the 6th of the website (other information about the trip back to Thailand on the web as well)

Incidentally, foreigners can travel on the above flights as well, but only ASQ detention is required. Once you book a ticket, please follow the steps on the website.