Good syndrome is

Good syndrome is
a) Thymoma with immunodeficiency
b) Thymoma with M. Gravis
c) Thymoma with serum sickness
d) Thymoma with pure red cell aplasia
Correct Answer - A
Ans. is ‘a’ i.e., Thymoma with immunodeficiency
Good’s syndrome (thymoma with immunodeficiency) is a rare cause
of combined B and T cell immunodeficiency in adults.
Clinical features of Good’s syndrome are :-
Increased susceptibility to bacterial infections with encapsulated
organisms and opportunistic viral and fungal infection.
The most consistent immunological abnormalities are :-
Hypogammaglobulinaemia and
Reduced or absent B cells
Resection of the thymoma and immunoglobulin replacement to
maintain adequate through IgG values