Got a borderline rank for General Medicine(2.8 k)

Got a borderline rank for General Medicine(2.8 k)…Tried for GM in both AIQ rounds and State R1 but didn’t get it due to bad luck…No interest in any specific branch…but damn sure not interested in surgical branches…Just need a branch which gives decent monetary support for survival…Am just an average one…so afraid of competition in general medicine (all toppers)…Just can’t able to decide between Medicine ( if I get it by god’s grace) and Anesthesia…Mind says Anesthesia but Heart says General Medicine…No previous exposure in anesthesia even in internship tbh…So I would be thankful of your inputs…😇😇TIA…Kindly please

Go with your heart.

Both are good branches but having no regrets is better any day.

Stop calling yourself average.

These MCQ exams dont reflect how you will do further in your branch in future.