Got a high rank. I'm willing to study again

Got a high rank. I’m willing to study again. But father forcefully joining me in management quota in deemed in my preferred branch only. Middle class family. He doesn’t want me to struggle anymore. But I’m not able to digest the fact of paying that much in fees. Feeling guilty. He’s saying- “it’s alright. U r in a divine course, don’t think of earning that money back, think of helping the poor. That’s all. Money will come automatically. Don’t feel guilty. U have come this far with ur effort.(ug govt sear).” Dint start prep for March 12. Even ready to face NEXT. 2K14 batch. What to do? Genuine help guys plz.

If the exam was in next Jan, I ud hv asked recommended the same but the it’s just 2 months away,it makes no sense to join a private college.u will find so many doctors from 5k onwards dropping this year in pursuit of a good branch

You are not middle class !!! If you are joining a deemed college clinical seat

U din tell how is dat deemed clg fr ur branch of choice. If its average, then u shud join. Cmng to money ur dad is not spending it. He’s saving it. Because ur earning period will be slashed by an year if u wait. So in dat year ull earn more dan wat he’s spending now. The net profit will be lost if u drop. Well if da clg is not gud fr ur branch den its a diff story

I was in exactly same situation Last yr…

I was getting periphery private ortho…

My dad n I was in college office,he was just about to sign paying checks when I pulled him out and said I want to give one last best attempt.

I have been allotted MS Ortho Mumbai in state round 1 this yr.

There’s no harm in settling this yr and no risk in going for one more attempt.

It all depends on what’s ur gut feeling and instincts at this point!

Best wishes!