Got a rank around 4.7k,UR.I wanted Radio but it's a very borderline rank for DNB radio

Got a rank around 4.7k,UR.I wanted Radio but it’s a very borderline rank for DNB radio,even if I get one,it would be some peripheral DNB institute,since everyone’s speculating this year’s mopup won’t be like last yr.The other branch I’m interested is ENT,but everyone’s advising me against it(I hv no clinical exposure to ent,but the theoretical part,i like very much)

My family want me to go for branches like obgy or DNB medicine.Even medico seniors of mine are repeatedly advising me against it.

Seniors please help me with geniune advice.

Is it a hard life for Ent surgeons post PG regarding job opportunities?And is the income very less for ent practitioners like everyone’s saying?I was so excited about ent but feeling so demotivated now.

Also,if someone can enlighten me with top institutes for ent,it would be of great help!

Ent seniors please guide me.

ENT surgeons are earning in lakhs , I know some surgeons who earn in crores/ year . Don’t listen to others. ENT is great branch , even if you don’t do mch , ENT itself can give you enough money , follow your dream.

Thank you!Hey if u know names,can you tell me?I would like to ask them about their career path.

no sorry, really can’t say in public. But even SR after Ms ENT can earn very decent amount . In every branch income depends on you and don’t think about money much from now.

yeah right!I’m not thinking abt that huge amount,I was just carried away with what I was told by some seniors,abt ent people not knowing what to do post PG,since job seats are less due to relatively less patients compared to other branches,etc. So I just wanted to feel the relief that it’s not like that.

Dude there is nothing like pay is less in any branch it depends on where u wanna work and ur skill and amount of work ur ready to do. Ive seen freshly passed out cardiologists working for 80k and 90k here in south in corporate while similar freshly passed cardiologist earning around 2 to 2.5 in a peripheral hptl . So u can earn good money in any field u should be ready to work anywhere ther is good opportunity. Even if u do radiology in aiims and ask for a job in elite hospitals in cities u wont get , coz they will have ppl with uk us degrees. So saturation is kindof relative and subjective factor. Take what u love.

That’s absolutely right.My seniors were telling me if I take ent & work in a private hospital,I’d be paid less compared to others & it’s tough to start own setup,and in OPD clinics there’s cut throat competition & less patients,etc.But If I work hard & deliver my best,I don’t have to worry much about this competition, right?I mean in the end we can always write our own story.

yep hardwork never fails. Most of those pessimistic thoughts are by lazy ass people who expect to earn in lakhs just for being a doctor and a pg specialist. There will be always hardwork behind every successful doctor in corporates or be it in peripheries ( like finding links, social skills , sweettalking to patients and all) so hardwork never fails. Go for your dream branch. People take up med and radio nowdays mostly dude to the easy nature of the work and not because of pay thats too foolish. People talk negative about Surgery and anesthesia while im seeing few hardworking anesthetists who earn more than medicine ppl and good hardworking surgeons earning 7 figures easily . U can earn good amount in ent even by clinics in small towns. Around 2 to 3 easily.

tbh lemme tell u a personal experience. There is this dnb cardiologist who is a fresher was denied cardiologist job in a hptl because they said dnb and want to make him work as medicine md. He didn’t join and made own small clinic worked hard got lot of pts over years through talks. Good treatment , concessions to poor and frequent camps. Now he owns a hptl cathlab and provides affordable and best cardiac care. While that big hptl is now losing more pts and they want to come to this dnb guy for cheap an better care. He earns around 30 plus a month. So dont worry hardwork never fails if u are willing to go to areas with less healthcare access and competition. People who say there is low pay in city . Even if they did all their degrees from aiims delhi still they wont get jobs with good salary . Cities are already filled with frcs and experienced consultants any junior cant make a good living . Be ready to work anywhere , and if u like radio also dont worry about dnb degree . See which branch u like more and take it. Job ,earning ,dnb vs md ,peirpheral vs city are all minor factors ,

Yess.I’m completely fine with DNB,in fact I would be really happy if I get even an average institute,but if it’s below average institute, then with DNB,its risky right?If it was ug course,even a bad institute wouldn’t matter much since it’s mostly theoretical & we can always compensate in PG,but for PG if it’s a bad institute then it would be hard to compensate even if I study hard, since good practice is required.So I was thinking about ENT,since I hv interest in it much more than all the other clinicals & I hv a chance of getting good institute.