Got my score a few days back and 252 it is

Hello everyone. A non-US IMG here. Got my score a few days back and 252 it is. So thought of sharing it with you all. Thank you so much to everyone in this group for always helping me out during the preparation.

Resources used:
·Kaplan lectures and notes: for all the subjects except pathology (Didnt use sketchy)
·Pathoma: for pathology
·First aid: 4-5 times
·Uworld: 1st pass-74%, 2nd pass-93% (55% complete)
·Also used 100 cases of ethics, anatomy shelf notes and BnB for respiratory and renal physiology. Didnt use anki.

Assessment score in order I took them:
·Nbme 15,16,17,19-All offline with variable no. of mistakes.
·Nbme 20-215 (Was very anxious while giving it,didnt know what I marked in many of the questions so just ignore it)
·Nbme 21-240
·UWSA 1 - 256
·Nbme 23-244
·Nbme 22-246
·Nbme 24-240
·Nbme 18-242
·UWSA 2 -247 + Free 120-82%

Was definitely doable. Blocks 3 and 4 were very hard but overall the exam was fair. It was mostly like solving Uworld with some Nbme like questions and some very long question stem. My exam had so many questions testing general principles so I would suggest working on that. Pathoma chapter 1-3 are gold. Around 10-12 questions were directly from them so would suggest doing them a day before the exam.

Goodluck to everyone for their exam. Will be happy to answer any of your question. Thank you