Growing age causes many problems of wrinkles, hair fall

Follow these instructions to look young

Growing age causes many problems of wrinkles, hair fall, radiant skin and health (health) which makes you often look older than your age.

Everyone wants to learn beautiful and young, but many are still unaware that except expensive makeup products and medicines, a few foods, a few precautions and a few changes in lifestyle can give you better results.


  1. Avoid soft drinks and vulgar drinks.

  2. Don’t use tea too much.

  3. Avoid smoking and smoking.

  4. Avoid using unnecessary medicines.

  5. Be careful in roaming more in the hot sun.

  6. fast food and less use of junk food.

7 7 Don’t use non-quality creams and soaps.


  1. Make a habit of sleeping early at night and waking up early in the morning. Sleep peacefully for eight hours.

  2. Use water as much as possible.

  3. Make exercise a part of the routine.

  4. Instead of being disturbed in small difficulties? Find a solution to it.

  5. Always keep positive thinking.

  6. Keep the weight in moderation. Increasing weight gives birth to different diseases.

The best foods


A cup of morning coffee protects your skin from various diseases. According to a research, excessive use of coffee prevents skin from covering while also reduces the risk of cancer. Similarly, the risk of wrinkles also reduces.


This fruit used in summer is full of licopine. This watermelon full of antioxidant protects the skin from sun damage.

Lighting up:

This magic effect fruit seeds are full of antioxidants and vitamin C and help in protecting the face from wrinkles, drought and other diseases. According to a research, the use of vitamin C is likely to drought and wrinkles in middle age. Reduces. In addition, pomegranate also protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Blue Berries:

This fruit helps in enhancing face headline. Vitamin C and E in this fruit brightens the skin and reduces the circles around the eyes. Also improves the color of other ingredients found in it. Let’s do the work too.

Vegetables with green leaves:

From spinach to sag, these power treasury vegetables are full of carotene components that protect skin cells as well as maintain moisture in them while also helping to avoid skin damage. It happens. Also, these vegetables are considered important to control blood pressure.


Mushrooms contain a mineral selenium that protects the skin from sun damage. Mushrooms use balanced copper or copper surface in the body resulting in whitening their hair. Skin doesn’t come soon means old age is failing to control your personality.


When your finger nails are made of protein, it’s clear that protein deficiency can weaken them. It’s a great use of indoons that are full of B-complex vitamins that don’t allow protein deficiency in the body. Apart from this, the protein included in the eggs reduces blood pressure and also reduces the risk of heart diseases.


These dry fruits full of omega three fatty acids and vitamin E help keep moisture in your hair, plus plenty of copper that help maintain natural skin and hair color. While this mineral deficiency can whiten your hair before time.

The mother of:

Mango beta is full of crutine which gives your skin the ability to repair it’s own and prevents the arrival of wrinkles on the face. Also use of this delicious fruit is important to keep the skin soft. In addition, mango also contains vitamin A which protects cells from decay.


Melons also contain beta cottain and vitamin A which not only control the growth of your head cells but also increase the glow of the upper layer of the skin. They also turn the skin into a dead layer on the face. Don’t let it happen.

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