Guidelines for Hypertension Management

Guidelines for Hypertension Management are as follows :

Adults 18–79 y with SBP ≥140 mm Hg or DBP ≥90 mm Hg

Adults ≥80 y with SBP ≥160 mm Hg but ≥140 mm Hg can be considered.

In frail patients, individualize treatment.

In patients with CVD, especially CAD, SBP ≥130 mm Hg, or DBP ≥80 mm Hg.

Treatment BP targets:

Adults 18–79 y, primary SBP/DBP goal <140/90 mm Hg; if treatment well tolerated target SBP/DBP <130/80 mm Hg but not SBP <120 mm Hg or DBP <70 mm Hg. For adults with isolated systolic hypertension, target SBP lowering, albeit cautiously.

In adults ≥80 y, target SBP/DBP <140/90 mm Hg, if well tolerated

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