Guys before joining dnb think twice

Guys before joining dnb think twice…

There is nothing to worry about…Pass percentage has increased day by day…Good institutions is as good as medical colleges…Good cutting and academics…Getting a dream branch of dnb is far far better than any xyz MD MS…jisko bhi jo mil rha hai go for it…All the best.

FIIOB Mai dekha tha bahut din pehle lagta hai. … didn’t know u r a colleague

Surprised to see u here…lots of medicos dere…yeah i m active in fiiob since 2012…good to see u here
dude,grow up…realy want sumthn gud fr urslf?
then work hard n stop fucking wid odr ppl
Dude, no use in thinking 100 times also… we shud hv thought once before joining MBBS… so now thr is nothing to think!! DNB or MD MS, both r equally valid… infact DNB ppl do a much better job… I’ve seen most DNB ppl handling even the toughest of cases like a piece of cake… it doesnt matter wat we study… its abt how well we update our knowledge n apply it hands on!!!

DNB is okay…no problem…all the Best dear students…please go with it…

Dnb is safe especially in med branches …and if someone is planning for superspeciality in future which is a must these days then it doesn’t matter whether you do MS / MD or DNB…probably a rational person with plans to do super speciality will try to avoid a yrs preparation

People say in dnb institutions… There’s no teaching… But I feel they teach more than govt colleges

Say whatever u want dnb is just a compromise…by heart everyone wants md ms diploma of radio nd other good branches…those who get high rank say so to satisfy them…dnb comes last…but still good for those who didnt get their desired branch in md ms…

Think about field and not about MD MS OR DNB, Believe me if you are confident about branch and what you want in life,a degree is just a means of getting into something and proving your worth,if you are not sure about field,go for MDMS and not DNB,More value
And obviously if u wanna be a surgeon,please go for GOOD MS MS DNB INSTITUTES,It can be learnt on with a hand on experience only

Guys I got 68rank in current dnb!!!can Anyone suggest any institutions for medicine all over India?

I agree many take up hastily and end up leaving the seat in 6 months…atleast visit the hospital once before joining

Dear all …there is not at all any controversy in joining your DNB in Clinical or Non Clinical …whatever you get…my experience as a teacher and too as when I was like you all many of my friends were in DNB when I took MD …and they are leading a good clinical or non clinical life peacefully at least not in dilemma that is MD MS good or DNB good…yes one thing is very important that’s the hospital …rest all is superfine with DNB…please chill and join…no problem…no worries…