Guys ..I need to confess this.. the situation in india today is because of people who dint take covid seriously and the government

Guys …I need to confess this… the situation in india today is because of people who dint take covid seriously and the government…when they had mild symptoms and when they had ct positive but RT PCR neagtive when we said patients that you have to get covid test done the negligence they showed by running of with opd cards,claiming that diarrhea is bcoz of food poisoning but ur threatening as covid …you doctors are money minders and stayed away from hospital visits and some people refuse to give houses for doctors saying we cant take risk… despite knowing the severity and need of vaccination adviced by doctors they where asking for guarantee and warranty…!! And this govt despite knowing the risk of wave 2…conducted rally and during peak of cases conducting mela and infected more …!!!this was total mistake by the people and the govt… and wherever these NGO doctors that time if they have so much influence to tell govt to put incentives ,postpone exams…why cant they tell govt to stop mela or elections or why couldnt they go and tell people about seriousness of the disease…as people always believe senior doctors as if they are the best ! this order regarding posting final yr mbbs and sanman workers and forcing people who are preparing for months day and night all this is bull shit…I hate the people so called patients more !!they violated the rules they humiliated us and when we declare the death or tell the prognosis they tell call our senior doctors…so if people prefer senior doctors only why cant govt force only senior doctors !!!with current o2 shortage and pharma increasing rates if anyone dies they will now blame the inexperienced doctors treated us!!..dozens of people allowed for mela rally nd all who doesn’t know the seriousness of pandemic…but doctors who know about pandemic and protection guidelines were stopped from exams…postponing the exam after issuing all tickets…giving sanman which is of no use…!!this govt cant get us or our family members beds but they can give to distant relatives of politicians and forcing hospital head to monitor them with good care and these people torture us to see that CASE as serious issue while poor people couldnt get beds …!!someone posted that Dr.rajat sir was crying for doctors to work in covid duty. Where was he when govt conducted elections and rally… he can’t stop that nd all but he can force govt and tell grace Marks. If he has passed with grace Marks let him keep that with him why to force people evryone are not like them…being a resident doctor at ground level and helping the patients in need attending the calls untimes to answer the queries, painful declaration of death and missing family for many days …we work day and night to work this people and crisis losing our family members at this hour…!!and having a little time in studying for our dreams and that to these people pull off !!!and behalf of 800 doctors who lost their life and aspirants suffering from exam delay and jr residents suffering from exam delay and doctors who had been treated badly by patient attenders and govt politicians…I swear that pandemic will not end anytime soon not even a single case less until these people change their minds…and fulfill young doctors wishes…and stop using the words Sanman ,grace ,incentives and all…first give respect and honor us…to the people and for the government !!!frustrated to the core!!!