Guys, just to clear misunderstanding

Guys, just to clear misunderstanding. I said an active license in PA (Pennsylvania), not that I was licensed as a PA - physician’s assistant or pathology assistant (same abbreviation).

I did that yesterday too, email the PD

I’ve wanted to do that as well, but I did not know what to write in those emails. Can you please give me an idea on what to say ?

I wrote in the subject “status of an application - non-traditional candidate” and in the email, I asked if they could give me an update if they reviewed my application and mentioned what I liked in their programs and why I would be a good addition (threw in some credentials). Since I applied to only 34 programs, I researched which had an emphasis on EMS (something I’m interested in), or ultrasound (FAST is a must), etc., to make the emails more personalized, so to speak.

Mine are not reported any longer. They were in a two-digit format, and my transcript just says that I passed all 4 exams, and when. There is no way to upload the transcript I have. That definitely does not help, if the programs use filters.