Guys, please i want an honest opinion

Guys, please i want an honest opinion. R jobs available aftr m.d psm from vmmc safdurjung or mamc delhi? Everyone is scaring me. I m not much clinically oriented. Will i hv to struggle to make ends meet aftr m.d psm? Please dont mention who as job career aftr psm, bcoz i know that, but except who r jobs really there?

enough dude…

Dont want so much lecture…

My question was entirely different n god only noes wht u r ranting so much abt

Yash Patel MD/MS don’t all earn 2.5-3 LPM… Your expectations are rather high

yes true…maybe m.d radio can earn that much…but even i hv not seen md/ms earning tht much

Totally depends on a lot things.If u r a doctor in India right now…u will get a job…may or may not be in a place u like…may or may not be a satisfactory salary.Again that totally depends.

Actually it depends upon you .Most of Indian doctors don’t like to do jobs after some time .They enter business either practice or coaching institutes or try relocating to other countries .