Guys Suggest me a good Android tablet for using marrow and emedicoz?

Guys Suggest me a good Android tablet for using marrow and emedicoz?

If u have a budget of 30k buy ipad… It is easier and comfortable to use… Take update so fast…

Honor pad5 8 inch or 10 inch bro. It’s under budget also…17k, available on Flipkart
I am also using the same.

is possible to use stylus on honour pad 5? Have you tried? Do it have google play access after america banned huwae?
Please reply it’s genuine query

bro stylus support Ni krta hai. Aur America ki news purani ho chuki hai. America be clearance de Diya hai…chill Karo. Chalega saara app

For any tablet the only worth is iPad…trust me, you wont regret it’s a once in life time thing. All other tablets are shitty. You can buy old iPad at cheap rates, if you jus need for videos

Buy ipad…all apps works normally on ipad…and ipad 2019 supports all types of stylus. You can get an i pad at around 25k.

2018 wala ipad le lo… flipkart pe 23k se 25k range mein milta hai… apple pencil chahiye toh le lena … value for money hai… android ka tablet sab bakwas hai

which version is good and economical? Do you use ? Please provide some feedback

Ipad is best. But for Android users best option is samsung tab A 10inch i own it and believe me, it is best for studies… i m completely satisfied… other Android tab have lots of issues what most shopkeepers told me while buying this.