Guys thanks a lot each and everyone who has sent the mail regarding FREE EXIT

Guys thanks a lot each and everyone who has sent the mail regarding FREE EXIT. We’ve had a great response and NBE has been sent an exceedingly large number of emails.

Now a little more effort from you guys needed. Our team is going to meet NBE officials today again to follow up the matter, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Our ground team is limited and we need the numbers.

So anyone staying in DELHI please turn up at the NBE Office dwarka at 11:30 sharp to lend your support. Your mere presence can mean a lot.


Subject- Request for NOT to change the criteria of mop up and schedule of DNB counselling

Dear sir,
It is seen that some candidates are trying to contact NBE to change the eligibility criteria for mop up or change the schedule of DNB counselling. We would like to request not to succumb under any pressure and CONTINUE WITH THE SCHEDULE as before due to following reasons:

  1. The state counselling also follow the same eligibility rules so as to fulfill the purpose of mop-up round.

  2. Most of the candidates did not fill the choices they did not want as they wanted to participate in the mop-up round thus the seat went to a lower rank candidate and that was the purpose.

  3. Some of the candidates just to see what they can get filled all the choices and now are regretting and demanding another round and new rules. This is just against the purpose of counselling and mop up round.

  4. If now NBE changes the rules in between it will be a huge set back to the merit holders who left the seats for some lower rankers and waiting for the mop-up round.

  5. Some candidates who are demanding a change have also taken a seat through their respective state counselling and those seats will get wasted as most of the states are now done with their counselling.

  6. The students who took up seat in All india NEET are also debarred from DNB counselling for the same purpose.

  7. The rules were published from the beginning of the counselling and if the candidates wanted to bring any change or modify the schedule they should have asked NBE before the start of the counselling, not in between the counselling after seeing their allotment results.

  8. If still NBE wishes to change the rules due to the fault of a few candidates, we would like to request to make all the rounds of DNB counselling and allotments null and void and start afresh with a set of new rules and new schedule again.

Hope that the message we are trying to convey is delivered.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
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its just a flawed system of not having a free exit option after r1 that we are trying to change… Its for the benefit of all.
And as far as the mop up awaiting candidates are concerned, they would not lose the seat they deserve by this.

mam there was a free exit if you would have not opted for the seat you were alloted in the first place…and if you want a free exit only then that can be done after r2 allotment also…

Tamil nadu state counselling result came after r1 allotment was already done… hope u are aware of it. So when there is no exit option after r1 how would these state alloted candidate leave their seat so it goes to next deserving one in r2…?
Can u justify this Ajay Singh

There are 28 states other than TN also… you cant make the students of those states suffer just because of a few students alloted in r1 of TN counselling and that too was delayed because of the state government…

If u want the seat then only u keep the seat in option of choice fiiling thats the whole purpose of round one and two now u guys want seats at mopup too? Seriously? First u guys get seats and dnt allow others to hav that seats who r dying to get those seats and r in great dillema and now u guys want FREE EXIT. if u knw how dnb system works u should hv only kept those seats that u want to pursue so u wont need to go through all this. Dnt give excuses for ur choices. Dnb has been like this u select u pay fees and thats all keep mopup for people who havnt got seat of their choice.

No one will suffer dear. . This is was upgradation means… It would be for #ALL
Just an attempt to let the merit get wat they deserve.
Let the merit not suffer because of the government and flawed system

Choose ur seats wisely u dnt get upgraded in mopup thats the meaning of mopup seats for those who hvnt got any seats in both rounds do u seriously knw how many people will suffer who’s only choice is mopup seats? Its not good for ALL if u guys just barge into all rounds claiming to get seats and then say we want upgradation.

we are talking about free exit before r2 for upgradation of next deserving candidate in r2 itself. Nothing about being eligible formop up. I hope u get my point now🙏
Mop up stays as it is.

Then why do u need free exit so u get 80,000 back? Just dnt pay the money dnt join so u dnt get debarred thats it. Free exit means u get chance to take part in mopup. Anyways result it tomorrow try all you can if it can change anything good for you guys as i knw nbe people to prove my friend that his result is his own result it took him 2 and half month and 200+ calls they r rigid and u wont change anything in 24hours.