Guys, you are all finding the working environment unfair

Guys, you are all finding the working environment unfair. I am not here to defend the unjust work environment.

Just to give you a heads-up about what is in store for you. Have you not heard that life would be cool when you finish your Board exams and get into coll? And you know the drill of those 5 n 1/2 years.

And then, life would be settled once you get a PG seat…Now you are being grilled, quite literally! Again, people(including me) will console, “Just these 3 years and then you are free”

When you are an SR, probably it would be a bit OK. Assured 3 years of opportunities, freedom n decent pay.

Again, when you are a junior consultant/fellow, you are mostly expected to put in long hours, bow to the unfair expectations of senior consultants n management. By then, we know, that’s how we learn… so we devise ways to simply survive, and learn whatever comes our way. We look at the perks of that senior consultant n desire to get there!

What happens when you are a senior consultant? You have fierce competition from upcoming juniors and the management is always looking for cost-benefit tipping in their favor. Again, there is pressure to perform, to prove oneself.

The only thing is that at that age, some of them become wise n realise how to cope with reality n simply stop complaining. They know the rut.

Welcome to reality!

Things are never as easy as they looks…everything comes at a price

Dear all,

I am pretty senior and I think if you find working environment unfair and unjustified, please ensure when juniors join in 6 months time they don’t feel same . Someone has to change so why not you . Make sure juniors write good things about you all