Had my 1st post op appt today

Had my 1st post op appt today (tomorrow will be 2 weeks since surgery- ACL reconstruction w/ donor tissue & 2 major meniscus tears repaired) & stitches removed. That was a bit intense as my skin had healed over them & they didn’t come out easily. Dr said Xrays look good & I was honest & told them I haven’t started pt yet & haven’t used the cpm machine because I’ve been in so much pain, but I’ve been doing what I can on my own & he said I’m doing surprisingly well on my own so far & am not super behind like I thought. & I took my 1st solo shower this morning too! I’m happy I was able to push thru the pain & do it, even tho I had to get creative w/how to do some things. I’ve been feeling so helpless so that definitely helped me w/the mental part of everything but I won’t be trying it again any time soon, I’ll wait till my husband can help me. It was my 1st time out of the house since surgery & w/my shower, the uncomfortable car ride, the appt, waiting at the pharmacy, then getting home, I’m in a ton of pain again. Hoping these meds help fast but all things considered, I’m glad I forced myself to not give up & I survived it. Mentally, today has been huge for me & I feel like its exactly what I needed to start working hard to get better instead of sitting around crying. Ive been thru a lot of painful things but this recovery has been the hardest by far. But it IS possible! I have to believe that things will keep getting better so I don’t give up. It does get better, right?!?