Hai guys , Many ppl were asking about PG courses in regional Institute of medical sciences

Hai guys , Many ppl were asking about PG courses in regional Institute of medical sciences, manipur in messages , so thought this message might be useful .

Hope it will helpful for ppl considering #RIMS_manipur#

I have completed MS surgery n RIMS in May 2021

Irrespective of specialities ,

1 . CLIMATE Is too good

2 . Great stipend - RIMS offers you good stipend of 83k ,88k ,96k stipend

3 . If you want to explore nature ( so much of natural places nearby )

Regarding #MS_Surgery :

Pros : You will get plenty of time to prepare for Mch

Other wise don’t consider RIMS - If you want good exposure different variety of surgical cases and plenty of cutting chances

Consider MS surgery in RIMS oly if you fall into following categories

1 . If you don’t get MS surgery elsewhere where Der is adequate surgical exposure

2 . If you prefer a college vtout a bond

3 .If you need financial support ( Stipend )

4 . If you are planning to do MCh in paeds sx ,neuro sx , CTVS , plastic sx ( wer you vl need Less of Gen surgical experience )

#MD_pediatrics ( opinion frm Paeds PG n RIMS )

It’s avg…good option to choose if your rank is 2.5k and below… Workload is more and first year is hectic (compared to other depts in rims in general but less compared to other places esp South)

Okay in terms of academics and hands on skills… variety of cases can be seen …no super speciality posting… Right now nicu 6 beds and small picu 4 beds… new 20 bedded picu is coming it seems…work culture among doctors is good…not toxic …

less skill in certain procedures like central line PICC etc … lesser investigations and infrastructure available so learning practical management is difficult… but you can always read theory and if you do sr ship somewhere in a good college, it can be compensated I guess

#Anesthesia( opinion from passed out PG n may 21 )


  1. We have icu under dept of anaesthesia, so learning becomes lot easier

  2. No much harassment

  3. All the equipment’s like video laryngoscopes, fob, usg machines are available.

  4. We get free hands as well get to be independent during calls so you grow confident

  5. Weather and good salary


  1. Hectic duties

2.poor academics

#OBG( opinion from present OBG PG in RIMS)

OBG in Rims… I would say IT’S AVERAGE. Not bad. In Obstetrics all d complications u ll come across here., Which normally u won’t be seeing often in south like uterine rupture, Eclampsia,…etc…

If u r an enthusiastic person with little sincerity, definitely u can learn more here. But personal efforts are much needed to push yourself to learn. Also Here most of the faculties won’t be interested in teaching like south. But Luckily Some Gud professors are der, they might teach a bit.

Regarding OPERATIVE CHANCES it’s very very LESS here. Only LSCs u ll b given chance! Tat also less chances only u ll get.