Half life of albumin is: 20 days

Half life of albumin is:
a) 5 days
b) 10 days
c) 20 days
d) 40 days
Correct Answer - C
Ans. C: 20 days
Albumin has a serum half-life of approximately 20 days. It has a
molecular mass of 67 kDa.
Albumin is synthesized in the liver as preproalbumin which has an
N-terminal peptide that is removed before the nascent protein is
released from the rough endoplasmic reticulum.
The product, proalbumin, is in turn cleaved in the Golgi vesicles to
produce the secreted albumin.
Human serum albumin is the most abundant protein in human blood
It is produced in the liver.
Albumin comprises about half of the blood serum protein. It is
soluble and monomeric