Handling Stress

Handling Stress

There are things you need to do and so many things are pending. You constantly feel the need to be there. Need to be working. Need to do something important. Coffee seems to be your best friend. You get angry and irritated at smallest of things. You take it out on people, the ones who really care about you. You care as well but somehow end up saying the wrong words at wrong times. This is not the real you. But then, you suffer, another coffee, may be , then you cannot sleep, you need to get up on time, you cannot be late for work. But cannot sleep. Finally the wake up alarm rings at the time you just slept. Flights and trains seem to get late when they matter most. You are Occupied all the time.

Need a break. Need peace. Need diversion.

That’s stress for you.

The way out; Show empathy towards others. They are suffering as much as you are. Show gratitude for what you are getting. Gradually you find others reciprocating. It will ease out.

You matter. Yes, even if you win or loose, you matter still.

Hold on to the fabric, the essence that you are.

Whatever you are going through will pass.