Has anyone had a scope done to look for a ruptured acl?

Has anyone had a scope done to look for a ruptured acl? I have to have a scope done for a ruptured acl. I had an MRI done with the report saying a full tear. I had my surgery consult today. He said my injury isn’t traditional- I didn’t hurt it in a traditional way- my weakness isn’t traditional and he won’t use the mri only as it’s not clear enough. I’m also double jointed which he said makes his diagnoses difficult because what’s normal for someone with regular joints isn’t the same for me. He said my good knee hyperextends a lot and can’t be used to compare. He doesn’t want to do a full re construction if he doesnt need to. So I have to have an arthroscope done to see if I need surgery. Has anyone else had this experience? I feel like I’m having surgery to have surgery 🙄.

EDIT: these would be two different procedures. I would have to recover from the scope before the reconstruction if needed.
I would change the doctor to seek another opinion. Today they can see pretty much everything on MRI.

Absolutely no need to have a surgery to see if you need one - the recovery is not a walk in the park…
I had a complete tear along with some bone ( confirmed on an mri) as well as a grade 2+ tear of mcl. The mri was done about 6 weeks after my injury. I was unable to walk without crutches or a brace and the knee was dislocating constantly- up to 20 times a day. My consultant said I needed physio . 13 months later the knee had barely improved as I couldn’t do a lot of the physio, due to the injury. He reluctantly agreed a 2nd mri which again confirmed a complete tear but the bone had healed as had the mcl. He the completely dismissed the 2 mris, saying they were wrong. Reluctantly agreed an arthroscopy and when I come round again said the mri was wrong but he had “fixed” the problem and I wouldn’t have any more issues with the knee. 6 months later I was still struggling so got a 2nd opinion and a 3rd MRI. This confirmed the findings of the previous 2 MRIs and he did a complete reconstruction 21 months after the original injury. If something doesn’t feel right to you, question it.
I had two separate mri done. The first one said full ACL tear, and the second said a partial. When they went in to fix my meniscus they found that the ACL wasn’t torn at all but very stretched.