Hat's off Dr. Dhaniram Baruah

Hat’s off Dr. Dhaniram Baruah

1970 - M.B.B.S. from Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh

1974-went to Republic of Ireland, Dublin

1974-July 1978- Completed General Surgical Training in Ireland

Since July 1978- trained in Cardiac Surgery in Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, London Chest Hospital, London, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

1982- FRCS from Royal College of Surgeon & Physicians, Glasgow.

Since 1982- working as Registrar in Cardiac Surgery under Glasgow University in Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Western Infirmary & Sick Children Hospital, Glasgow.More than 7000 bypass surgeries were carried out by him independently in those Centres.

1985- set up Cardiac Centre & working as Consultant Cardiac Surgeon in Mafraque Hospital, Abudhabi, UAE

Since 1985 involved intensively in research on Artificial heart valves and other critical cardiac devices.

1986-invented both biological and mechanical heart valves with improved design and new concept called Baruah Biological Heart Valves and Baruah Bileaflet Mechanical heart valves made of Zirconium.

Dr. Baruah is the first one to use Zirconium in critical cardiac devices. It is the nuclear material with high tensile strength providing longer durability to heart valves.

Baruah mechanical heart valve- in aortic position did not require any anticoagulant. Baruah mechanical heart valve- in mitral position required anticoagulant for a short period.

1987- Clinical trial of Baruah Heart Valves in India & abroad

1989-Set up Baruah Heart Valve Manufacturing Laboratories in Bombay & continuing further research on Heart Valves

1991-Invented Baruah Stentless Bileaflet Biological Heart Valve, Baruah stentless Trileaflet Biological Heart valve & Baruah Coronary Bio-graft and Continued manufacturing and human implantations.

Dr.Baruah is the first one to design and develop bileaflet biological mitral valve with replacement subvalvular apparatus. Implantation technique has been developed by him known as “Baruah procedure” where two stage surgical technique is involved and replacement papillary muscles are implanted at the apex of LV outside. His stentless biological heart valves are constructed anatomically providing physiological performance mimicking native heart valves anatomically and physiologically.

He is the first one in the history of artificial heart valves with durability of 92.8patient years and requires no anticoagulant.

More than 2000 implantations of Baruah Heart valves have taken place all over the world including Hong Kong, China, Phillipines, .Germany, Indonesia, India

He is the first one to demonstrate in the conference of “Artificial Heart” in Germany(1994) that pig is closer to human for organ transplantation and experimental studies compared to non-human primates. Social behaviour of the pig is similar to human, so is the anatomy and physiology. Bacteriological, virological, acquired heart diseases and omnivorous nature are similar to human.

1994-Invented Baruah Heart-21, a Totally Permanent Implantable Biological Heart- implanted in pigs as animal model.

Since 1995-working on Xenotransplantation using pigs as organ donor.

1996-Established pioneering open heart surgery center for the first time in North-east-

Dr.Dhani Ram Baruah Heart Institute & Research Centre in Sonapur, Assam & involved in conventional open heart surgeries & Research on Xenotransplantation

January 1997-performed first clinical cluster xenotransplantation using pig heart-lung & kidney to a 32 year old end stage organ failure patient with 7days survival. He was put in a jail by barbarians.

Since 1997- involved in research in Applied Human Genetic Engineering for Prevention of Coronary artery disease, recannalization of diseased Coronary and peripheral arteries , hypertension & diabetes using Biological molecules isolated from edible medicinal plants of North-eastern region.

Baruah siRNA-Biological weapon is isolateded from edible medicinal plants, animal trial and human use were carried out successfully and started to use clinically. The isolation and identification of biological molecules was carried out at North East Hill University (NEHU) in organic chemistry department, Shillong.

Dr. Baruah is the first one to demonstrate that premature death of human is caused by intracellular calcium and not by atheroma of coronary arteries. The syndrome is called as “Baruah Syndrome”.

-Applied Human genetic engineering is beyond the reach of todays present medical sciences and taking Dr.Baruah’s work beyond horizon. first time on this planet to cure dreaded and rarest of the rare diseases

Dr. Baruah & his team was working on m-RNA expressed diseased genes to cure acquired diseases and decodes DNA to cure inherited diseases. The rarest of the rare diseases such as Moyamoya, SLE, Takayasu, incurable diseases such as Cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension etc. are cured with Baruah applied human genetic engineering… He has demonstrated that detrimental microRNA are responsible for dreaded incurable diseases and not m-RNA.

He has invented biological weapon in form of Baruah siRNA isolated from edible medicinal plants which cures dreaded incurable diseases.

Baruah Applied human Genetic engineering is the choice of treatment where Baruah siRNA which is isolated from edible medicinal plants. degrade the detrimental microRNA, corrects the deformity of target genes, release the restriction of translation process, allow the mRNA to synthesize beneficial protein to reverse the entire diseased process. Baruah applied human genetic engineering- with Baruah siRNA, the biological weapon cures number of dreaded incurable diseases such as cancer, SLE, AIDs, Coronary artery disease, diabetes, hypertension etc.

Concept of bypass surgery, stenting and angioplasty have been proved to be wrong as it could not cure the coronary artery disease. Baruah siRNA is absolutely very specific for this disease, which clears the blockages within 5-7days of time. Therefore, it is concluded that Baruah applied human genetic engineering using Baruah siRNA can cure the above diseases including pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is dreaded incurable disease in history of medical sciences, but Baruah applied human genetic engineering is the only solution for this purpose.

2008- “Genovac”- which is used to eradicate diseases before it is expressed at adult stage. This is used at the age of 12-16 years, which will not allow the dreaded disease to occur in later part of lifetime.

2009 -Total Human Genomic Mapping in various diseased conditions and its cure using Baruah siRNA and its miRNA profiling & AIDs cure.

Action of Baruah siRNA on AIDs

How AIDs virus works at genomic level?

The HIV virus acts as stimulant influencing multiple amplification of microRNA of the host causing the targeted genes to get mutated. The amplified microRNA through their regulated target genes restricts the engineer mRNA from the synthesis of beneficial protein thereby allowing the mRNA to synthesize, detrimental protein, which is accelerated to the extent in such a manner, it destroys the immune system of the host, which invites multi-infection leading to multi-organ failure and premature death.

Baruah siRNA stops the amplification of microRNA correcting the mutations of targeted genes by decoding and releasing the restriction in translation process allowing mRNA to synthesize beneficial protein which reverses the diseased process and protect the individual from multi-organ failure, thereby, premature death.


A true legend who returned to his motherland so that he can bring Assam to the scenerio of world healthcare…finally his dream came true

Source : WhatsApp Medical University