Have anyone healed from Atopic Dermatitis after going through TSW?

Not totally healed but my skin on my face has transformed and now you can’t tell I have eczema, just looks like I have dryer skin. I’ve also found I can use actual shower gel now without being super inflamed (I use mostly natural shower products tho since chemical ones do dry me out a lot). My skin was really bad before and when I stopped using steroids it got way worse but honestly it’s totally worth looking scary for a few months to look so much better. Also I had a relatively short TSW journey compared to most people but maybe that’s because I’m younger and tend to heal very quickly anyway. If you have any questions feel free to ask or private message me and I’ll go into more detail about what I think helped or didn’t help.

Yes! I’m 5 years TSW and completely healed. I still get seasonal eczema and hormonal eczema (around my period) but the flaring and inflamed skin/rashes have stopped. It does take time so you have to be very patient… it took me a good 3 years for my body to kind of stabilize. There is a TSW group on FB, I can invite you to join. It is very helpful to have people that truly understand this process. I urge you to do research on Red Skin Syndrome and TSW. Dr. Rapaport has an excellent blog and videos discussing this subject. Everyone’s journey is very different. It is not easy, but it is very much worth it. In my personal opinion, it really is the only “cure”. Please feel free to DM me!