Have anyone started working through locum agencies

Have anyone started working through locum agencies (his or her first job), I need help regarding some points.

If I have no designated body, can I choose the agency as a designated body? Would this affect my license on GMC account or will this have any drawbacks on my license?

What if I got I contract from a hospital after that- can I change this?

Can any doctor join 2 bank contract (for example: hospital bank and and a locum agency or 2 different locum agencies)?

Thank you in advance

  1. if the locum agency is recognized as a designated body, yes you can. Check before, as some will make you pay to have your appraisal done.
  2. You can change your designated body at any time.
  3. yes
    Locum and bank jobs are not a great idea if you have no NHS experience. Risk of making mistakes because you don’t know the system is very high and the support for short term jobs is not very good